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Welcome to the Home of the

OldTown Valley Flyers

2018 is beginning.  We want anyone interested in our club or activities to know of of our activities this year and of the ones  that are already scheduled for the rest of the year and the new year.  

New Years Day Sunday Jan. 1st from 11am to 1pm--Fly in the new year at our field. --We had three club members attend the very cold event. One of the members was able to fly and we have a small video clip. 

Saturday January 28th at 6pm. Our Annual yearly club banquet at Dutch Valley Restuarant near Sugarcreek. --We are having a "White Elephant" gift exchange as well as giving the club a chance to learn more about our new web site and how to navigate it. 

Saturday February 18th Our Annual Swap Meet and Auction. --We need club members to attend and to also buy tables and bring items in for the meet. 

Mall Show- in March at New Town Mall in New Philadelphia.-There are some that are not sure if they want to attend this-- If you have any thoughts pleas one of the officers know

In the late spring we had our annual work day where club members brought tools and their energy to the field to clean it up.--Are looking at some time in April- depending on the weather. Will inform more later. 

We had one of our club meetings during early 2017 where club elections were held.  Robert Draman was elected President, and was also elected to continue as Secretary and Treasurer.  William Overfield was elected Vice President. Merl Miller elected Safety Officer. New elections will need to be help now in 2018

I want to start a program where every other week on a Saturday or Sunday, we set it up for a club member to be at the field, to support others that are flying, I want to encourage all members to be active and to encourage other members to go to the field. Using the website you will be able to let people know you might be flying on certain days. I will put a  schedule on the website to identify the Club member support days.

I want to be able to set up   a training program with anyone that is willing to assist others. The club will assist in some items to make this process easier. 




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